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ALD Amaze devices are manufactured by the ALD Group, with their headquarters in Shenzhen, China and products designed in California. In recent years, it seems like there have been more negative reviews on ALD Amaze products than positives, however, I decided to give one of their newer pod systems a try. It seems like they’ve been listening to vapers because this device is a large improvement from some of their others. Comparing this to some different ultra portable systems out there, this one actually stands out. Here are 4 reasons why the ALD Amaze Lemon Ultra Portable System is a solid pod mod.

1. The Dual Ceramic Coils in the Pod Cartridges

Instead of using cotton, ALD Amaze opted to use a dual ceramic coil system in their pods. They work very well, and it isn’t often that a pod mod uses a dual coil. Yes, this means that the pods are larger than others, but the flavor that the ALD Amaze Lemon pods put out is arguably worth it. The pods rate at 1.8-ohms and deliver a pure flavor that is often lost on many pod mods.

2. The LED Battery Light Indicator

Most ultra portable systems have some sort of way to tell you that the battery is getting low. The ALD Amaze Lemon Ultra Portable System goes a bit further with their LED indicators by breaking down the number of flashing lights to tell you exactly where your charge is at. The lights flash when you insert the pod cartridge to alert you of your battery life percentage. The user manual has the full break down: 4 LED lights blink and you have a battery life of greater than 75%, 3 LED lights and the battery charge is greater than 45%, 2 LED lights and you’re at more than 20%, and finally, when only one LED light blinks you have a charge of less than 20%. If you like to keep an eye on your pod mod’s charge, this is a really useful breakdown so you’re never surprised. Charging is easy, too. The Micro-USB port is located on the bottom of the device, and like most ultra portable systems all you need to do is charge, fill, and you’re ready to vape.

3. The Pods are Really Easy to Fill and Insert

The ALD Amaze Lemon pods have a flip top filling system. Located in between the contacts and magnets on the pod, there is a cap you flip up to access the fill port. This fill system saves you some frustration because it’s easy to open and stays nice and tight when shut. The fill port itself has a decent amount of room, but it’s best to fill the pods at an angle to avoid clogging or leakage. Installing your pod is also a breeze, thanks to the magnets, it just clicks right in and stays put. The pods make it easy to view your e-liquid level, thanks to their transparency.

4. The Flavor Is Great With Nic Salts or Regular Vape Juice

Some pod mod systems don’t shine as bright in the flavor department. I’ve tried a few that put off a relatively dull quality of flavor that leaves me feeling dissatisfied. Luckily, the ALD Amaze Lemon is not one of those devices. Do you prefer regular vape juice? Nicotine salt juices? No matter either way. Whatever your juice preference, the ALD Amaze Lemon pods give you a nice, clean flavor that isn’t muted or dulled.

Summing Up The ALD Amaze Lemon Ultra Portable System

For the price, the ALD Amaze Lemon is a solid performer. The device outputs nice flavor, a bit more vapor due to the size, and is very easy to use. It’s a sturdy build, too. The ALD Amaze Lemon is crafted with a zinc alloy chassis coated in a rubberized finish to make it comfortable to grip. There are more pros to this device than cons, and ultimately it’s one of the better pod mods of its kind, especially in terms of flavor.

Purchase the ALD Amaze Lemon Ultra Portable System here.

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