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Is the new GeekVape Aegis Legend worth the price? What makes it better than the original? Today we aim to find out!

It’s important to know what you’re looking at with the Legend. Basically, you have a regulated GeekVape box mod with the vape version of an Otterbox installed. The vape cover as we’ll call it, adds an unprecedented layer of protection, which in turn directly translates to a longer lifespan overall.

The Legend’s resistance to drops, dust, and water it not something that will directly affect the way you vape, but will provide a ton of wiggle room when it comes to taking care of your device. You can tell Geekvape spent some serious time in the R&D department with this one, and attention to detail was spent on each individual piece of the unit – from the battery door to usb recharging port.

Even if you don’t plan on dropping your mod, it’s reassuring knowing the Geekvape Aegis Legend will be safe when carried in your pocket etc. And when you do drop it (because it will inevitably happen), you’ll be happy the rubberized coating saved your investment.


  • 5-200w output
  • GeekVape chipset
  • Seven total output modes
  • 0.5 to 3ohm atomizer resistance range
  • TC control suite (Ni200, Titanium, SS316, Kanthal)
  • TCR Mod
  • VPC support
  • Durable IP67 rating
  • .91″ display
  • Menu color option


  • Best battery door I’ve seen ever on a mod
  • Rubbered/textured coating, great for grip
  • Decorative panel texture, great for grip
  • Clicky fire button and adjustment buttons
  • USB dust cover
  • Battery fitment
  • Clear, bright, easy to read display
  • Heavy

– Having the extra material really adds to the overall weight of this device. This makes the Legend great for setting on the table or countertop. You never have to worry about accidental tip overs, or friends knocking the mod over on accident.

  • Built to last

– Really. The IP67 rating on this mod should directly correlate to a longer overall lifespan. It’ll withstand just about anything you throw at it.

  • Ease of use (5-clicks on, 5-off)
  • Drop resistant

If you’re like me, and drop mods all the time. This one is definitely for you!

  • Chipset

– When I first went into this review, I thought for sure I’d find something the chipset listed in the negatives. Turns out, it’s actually not half bad!

  • Materials! Leather, LSR silicone, SS, aluminum, zinc, and carbon steel – you pay for what you get!
  • 200w
  • IP67 rating
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Stable when set on desk
  • Big hand friendly


  • Weight may not be the best if you plan on carrying it 24/7
  • Battery door can be a bit hard to close

– It requires a little extra ‘oomph’ to close than normal. I found it a bit hard to get used to as well.

  • Coating sticks in pocket

– I’ll be honest, this was probably the most annoying thing about the mod in general. The protective coating is nice to have, but sticks to literally everything!


The Geekvape Aegis Legend is a welcome addition to the Aegis line of mods. In my opinion, having the extra durability is a bit of a no brainier, even if you never really have to use it. The extra cushion make this mod ideal for anyone who works in construction or other outdoor environments.

For the price, the Legend is hard going to be hard to beat. This one receives an A++ in my book!

Purchase the Aegis Legend here.

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