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ADVKEN began creating vaping devices in the year 2013. They reached tremendous popularity as a vape industry leader in China, and have since garnered a reputation in other countries. You may know them for their Manta RTA. Whether you’ve heard of them or not, odds are, this brand is here to stay. It seems like everyone is beginning to jump on the mesh tank bandwagon! And I’m not opposed to this movement. I got my hands on an ADVKEN Manta Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank this month to give it a try.

The Design of the ADVKEN Manta Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

When you set your eyes on this tank for the first time, it’s hard to even know what you’re looking at! Yes, obviously, it’s a vape tank. But the design is so quirky that some people just can’t get past it. Whether ADVKEN was going for a Manta look or not, the irregularity of this tank is what gives it an odd sense of charm. Some will hate it, some will love it.

What sets this apart is the squatty resin tube. The shape is completely irregular to what we are used to seeing. It’s shorter than others like it’s been squashed. And get this, the “glass” section measures a whopping 30mm wide. Once you get past the strangeness, though, you may see what I’ve grown to appreciate as a unique tank with gorgeously incorporated resin in the drip tip, as well as the resin tube. The ADVKEN Manta Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is only available in two colors: black and stainless steel.

The Build Quality

I think it’s pretty clear that the machining on the ADVKEN Manta Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is quite nice. The primary material is stainless steel, but of course, you have resin materials as well. If you choose to use the spare bubble glass, an option some vapers might prefer, that is made of Borosilicate glass. It is worth noting that the resin tube could potentially break or chip easier if you aren’t careful, so handle and vape with caution.

The Airflow

It doesn’t take too long to notice that the airflow system on the ADVKEN Manta Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is different either. The airflow is located on the bottom base of the tank. It’s a dual airflow, but it’s actually got three medium slots on each side, for a total of six medium airflow slots. This means that you can fine-tune the airflow to suit nearly any style of vaping. Yes, you can achieve a looser MTL draw with this tank.

The way the airflow works is pretty self-explanatory. You adjust it like you would any dual airflow system. If you have two medium holes exposed and one closed on one side of the airflow, the other side is going to be identical.

Filling the ADVKEN Manta Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

I’m very pleased that ADVKEN opted for a push-to-fill system on the Manta Mesh. It’s so much easier than other tanks that use a threaded top fill. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that huge a difference, but if you’re out and about, it’s much, much easier to simply push the top cap and fill than to unscrew the top base, find somewhere to set it aside without getting juice all over you, and take the extra time to screw it back on.

It’s a bit tricky to find the correct spot to push, but there should be a little arrow on the top cap. Push that part in and viola, there is your filling port.

The Coil System

The Manta Mesh coil system uses single mesh coils made from kanthal mesh and organic cotton. With the tank, you receive a 0.2-ohm mesh coil (for 50-70W) and a 0.16-ohm mesh coil (for 60-80W).

Although I’ve given these coils a try and think they’re fantastic, there are other coil systems that are compatible with this tank: the Vaporesso NRG coil system and the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast coil system.

Vaping with the ADVKEN Manta Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

I vaped the Manta Mesh tank on top of my VooPoo Drag 2 Mod. I let the coil sit for ten minutes with Sucker Punch E-Liquid by Suicide Bunny, a dragonfruit and cream juice. Then I popped it onto the Drag and gave it a whirl. The first few hits I wrote off as the break-in period, but after a couple of minutes, I really noticed the flavor coming through. I was using the 0.2-ohm mesh coil first and found the sweetest spot for flavor and vapor to be around 65W. When I switched to the 0.16-ohm coil, there wasn’t a crazy difference, but the flavor really popped for me around 70W.

Both coils were able to take it to their top wattage level and give a great performance. These coils really deliver what I believe is a top kanthal mesh vape experience: pure and consistent flavor and thick clouds, all without having to sacrifice one for the other.

The Quirky Tank Has Amazing Coils and Nice Style to Boot

It just seems like the mesh tanks coming out lately are all on par, but the ADVKEN Manta Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is impressive. Although the Manta Mesh is compatible with other coils, I don’t think I’d use them much unless I was in a real pinch. The Manta Mesh coils are high-performing; the flavor is not unlike the FreeMax Fireluke Mesh Tank.

I think this tank could easily compete with some of the other mesh options on the market right now. Great flavor, sizeable clouds, cool adjustable airflow, and if you can appreciate it like me, some pretty sweet looks.

Purchase the ADVKEN Manta Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank here.

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