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Halloween is almost upon us, do you really want to be left vaping the same boring e-juice flavor while everyone else vapes the good stuff? Get in the spirit with our list of spooky, Halloween-themed e-liquids.

Look, we get it, you’re probably not going to dress up and go door to door trick or treating anymore; but what’s holding you back from having a little fun on Halloween, while your kids are out collecting all that candy? We’ve composed a list of delicious liquids to keep your taste buds on edge! We’ll leave the scary music selection up to you!

Hand Over The Pie by Hand Over E-liquid

Description: Hand Over The Pie E-Liquid is a spot on pecan pie e-juice flavor. The Pie was crafted to remind vapers of a freshly baked pecan pie.

Nothing screams fall time and Halloween season quite like the sugary gooey filling and buttery crust of a pecan pie. Sure no one’s handing these puppies out door to door, but it will definitely remind you of your childhood growing up!

Purchase Hand Over the Pie here

Candy King on Salt Strawberry Belts

Description: Strawberry Belts is a sweet and sour gummy candy that will instantly remind you of those long candy strips from the good ol’ days. The strawberry flavor is clean and satisfying. The sweetness of this e-liquid guarantees that your taste buds will be over the moon whenever you take a hit.

Everyone can relate to some version of sweet and sour candy handouts during Halloween as a kid. Strawberry belts encapsulates a lot of these same flavors; plus with the new Candy King Salt line, you’ll be able to get you nic fix to!

Purchase Strawberry Belt Salts here

Vapewild Brownie Batter Banana Split

Description: Brownie Batter Banana Split e-juice combines soft and buttery brownie batter coupled with creamy banana flavor and a healthy helping of ice cream! If you’ve never had a banana split, you’re in for a treat. If you have, we’ve taken the basic idea and made it way better.

Growing up as a kid, chocolate covered bananas were a delicious treat to enjoy anytime. Vapewild takes the classic one step further by introducing a chewy brownie batter into the mix. This flavor combination is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, and keep you from eating all your kids candy!

Purchase Brownie Batter Banana Split here

Patches by Patches E-Juice

Description: Pumpkin Spice Doughnut!

As if doughnuts weren’t good enough, Patches smashes the sugary holes with pumpkin and spice, that makes for one heck of a tasty treat. So if you don’t have time to run out and make a homemade pumpkin pie this season, this will be the next best thing!

Purchase Patches here

Nightmare On Vape Street

Description: Eye popping, juicy, strawberry chew candy. Exactly what you’d expect, but somehow even better. You don’t want to sleep on this one … or else.

Nightmare on vape street from Fuggin Vapors Little Vape Shop of Horrors line is a strawberry chewy candy flavor that will quiet the sweetest of sweet tooths. This juicy candy flavor will have you begging for more. And the best part? You can pick some up for $12 a bottle (120ml), so it won’t hurt your wallet either!

Purchase Nightmare on Vape Street here

Om Vapors Karma

Description: Creamy, rich milk flavors, sweetened naturally with delicious honey, with pleasant notes of delightful almond and hazelnut. Karma makes for a mellow vape that goes great with almost anything.

Karma from Om Vapors takes the same chewy rice crispy treat flavors to the next level. Honey combined with almonds and hazelnuts work in harmony to produce one heck of a tasty vape. It’s sweet, but not overly so; you’ll find yourself enjoying this one all night long!

Purchase Karma here

Fuggin Vapor I know What You Dripped Last Summer

Description: Delicious, fresh baked, strawberry rice squares. The perfect all day vape whether you’re a haunted fisherman or you hit someone with your car! ( Please drive safely!)

Although I’ve never tried this one personally, I know What You Dripped Last Summer from Fuggin Vapor definitely has that Halloween vibe. Strawberry rice squares is a spin off on a tasty classic Halloween treat to! Check out Fuggin Vapor’s Vape Shop of Horrors Line for more tasty trick or treat inspired flavors!

Purchase I Know What You Dripped Last Summer e-liquid here

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