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One of the great things about vaping is that there’s an almost endless assortment of flavors to choose from. If you like the taste of traditional cigarettes, cigars, and pipes, there’s a million tobacco flavors for you to consider. There are even more options if you love sweet things (like candy, chocolate), fruit, and decadent desserts. Of course, the mad scientists out there occasionally go a bit outside the box to create their latest concoction – and sometimes you’ll find yourself scratching your head wondering “what were they thinking?” It’s this latter group of flavors we’re talking about today – 5 of the strangest e-liquid flavors you should try before you die.

Worcestershire Sauce – EC Blends

We kick things off with a truly weird selection – EC Blends’ Worcestershire Sauce flavor of e-liquid. Look, there is no shortage of weird e-liquid flavors out there, but I’m not sure what convinces anyone that there’s a market out there clamoring for this one. I could see adding this flavor profile with maybe a roast beef flavor – something to complement the meaty taste – but on it’s own? This is madness – but it’s the sort of madness I can get behind.

I don’t think many souls have been brave enough to go toe-to-toe with Worcestershire Sauce – or if they did, they didn’t survive to tell the tale. There aren’t a lot of reviews out there, but Reddit user Wiregeek did chime in a few years back. He said the sauce tastes like real Worcestershire sauce, and that he likes that flavor, but he did not enjoy the vape. The most fascinating observation? It has “a tiny hint of fat and cow.”

That’s not enough to convince me you shouldn’t at least try this stuff. Fortune favors the bold, and all that.

Absinthe – Vapor God

For the discerning goth who can’t get ahold of the actual beverage and would like to vape something that essentially tastes like cough syrup, we offer up Absinthe from Vapor God.

If you’re unfamiliar with Absinthe, it’s a green (or occasionally colorless) anise-flavored alcoholic beverage made with grand wormwood (how evil does that sound?), sweet fennel, and a variety of medicinal herbs. It is, by most accounts, a bit of an acquired taste – but the fact that it was banned in many places (including the US) for being an addictive psychoactive drug and hallucinogen made a lot of folks lust for it.

Surprisingly enough, reviews of the Vapor God juice seem largely positive. Users say the color is fantastic (although some recommend adding some PG/VG food coloring to make it really shine) and the taste is very similar to the alcoholic beverage.

So, next time you’re looking to vape something a little more sophisticated than the traditional strawberry cheesecake, give Absinthe a shot.

Bacon – High Desert Vapes

 People love bacon – in fact, they won’t shut up about it. Bacon is sort of like Crossfit, in that the people who love it constantly want to tell you how wonderful it is and how you should totally love it too. Don’t get me wrong – I like bacon a lot, but some people’s love seems to border on obsession – which is weird when you consider it’s a just a pork product and not some nectar of the gods.

Speaking of nectars of the gods, it seems only natural that sooner or later someone would want to add the smoky goodness of bacon to an e-liquid. Various manufacturers have taken on the challenge of capturing the magic of bacon in liquid form, but based on reviews, no one has totally nailed it. Take, for instance, this Bacon flavor offered by High Desert Vapes. Comments on the site indicate that this particular recreation of everyone’s favorite breakfast meat doesn’t quite hit the mark. It’s kind of okay in small doses, but doesn’t quite nail the full bacon experience (texture is clearly important, and a liquid can’t really capture that). One person claimed it tasted like “burning rubber,” but the rest thought it did a reasonable job of simulating bacon’s flavor profile.

Good or bad, I think we all owe it to ourselves to at least try bacon e-liquid at some point. Maybe vape it next to a stack of pancakes slathered in butter and maple syrup.

Blue Cheese – High Desert Vapes

Remember the story of Icarus, the guy who had wings made of feathers and wax who thought it would be a great idea to fly next to the sun? The moral of that story was basically that the Gods will punish you when you try to overcome your mortal limits. I think it’s a fitting way to describe the idea of a Blue Cheese vape juice – man was not made to take something like Blue Cheese and turn it into a delicious e-liquid, and the Gods have punished us for our hubris.

Like Worcestershire Sauce above, Blue Cheese is an incredibly odd choice for an e-juice. It’s something that’s like a condiment or an add-on designed to complement the taste of something else (e.g. chicken wings or a tasty salad). It’s not something that you’d eat all by itself (well, most people anyway. I’ve learned people will eat some weird stuff – and if you do, that’s cool. You do you.)

And like Worcestershire Sauce, there apparently haven’t been many souls out there brave enough to try Blue Cheese and report their findings. The few that have say it does taste like Blue Cheese – which may be its greatest failing, because who wants to inhale straight blue cheese all day?

So, it’s probably safe to say that Blue Cheese isn’t going to be great – but I still think it’s worth trying at least once just for the cool factor. Of course, maybe that’s hubris too. I think I can feel my wings melting as I type this.

Wasabi – Veppo

I really love sushi, and a tiny (and I mean tiny…) bit of wasabi adds some extra kick to my spicy crab rolls – but I can’t even begin to imagine vaping straight wasabi. In fact, the idea of vaping wasabi makes me immediately think of Jackass, when Steve-O did the bit where he snorted wasabi like he was Scarface and it was a mountain of cocaine. That didn’t end well.

Veppo says their Wasabi flavor has a bit of bite and an Asian twist – and that it’s perfect with a plate of your favorite sushi. Who knows, maybe it is – but I can’t be sure because no one has reviewed it and I’m not brave enough to try it.

Don’t let my cowardice put you off, though – if you vape, you should totally try Wasabi before you die (disclaimer: if trying Wasabi causes you to slough off this mortal coil after the first inhale, I take no responsibility for this…).

And there you have it – five of the craziest vaping flavors you should try. Trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll be covering more crazy concoctions here on SoupWire in the weeks and months ahead. Sign up for our emails (we promise we’re not gonna spam you) so you don’t miss any of our newest content.