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I tend to gravitate toward brands that make a difference. There are many great e-liquids out there, but not all of them tote their name as a lifestyle brand. Savage Enterprises, the makers of Savage E-Liquid, built their brand with the mindset that smokers could potentially get off of cigarettes and use vaping as a cessation method — or at least as a healthier alternative to smoking. Savage E-Liquid come out of Orange County, California and caters to all types of vapers — whether you’re an ex-smoker, trying to quit smoking, or simply a vaping enthusiast. Savage’s juices offer premium, satisfying flavors with pop culture names that most everyone knows. Their juices are typically a 75/25 VG/PG, are available in 60ml bottles, and contain 0-12mg of nicotine. If you’re looking for some fun flavors to try, Savage offers plenty to choose from. Here are some of the five best flavors from Savage E-Liquid.

1. Bond by Savage E-Liquid

Bond. James Bond. Seriously, how can anyone pass up the chance of trying a juice named after the famous secret agent? Even if you aren’t a James Bond fan, Bond by Savage E-Liquid is mind-blowingly good if you like fruity menthols. It’s a dragonfruit, kiwi, and strawberry menthol blend that’s awfully hard to compete with. It’s one of my favorite menthols, despite the many options we vapers have today.

2. Cena by Savage E-Liquid

Cena is a heavy-weight champion just like its namesake. It’s a vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone topped with bananas. I find this juice best anywhere from 40-90W to bring out that fresh banana flavor and the subtle waffle cone.

3. Quinn by Savage E-Liquid

Comic book addicts and superhero enthusiasts are always welcome. Quinn e-liquid vapes so well, it’s a bit crazy. Chuck some sugary raspberry cookie clouds with a hint of cream and you’ll be hooked. Though there are tons of cookie e-liquids on the market, Quinn is unique enough to become a new favorite. It’s a bit sweet for an all-day-vape, but if you prefer sweeter e-liquids this might be your go-to.

4. Jackman by Savage E-Liquid

Jackman e-liquid is strawberry whipped cream coffee cake that outdoes the typical strawberry e-juice flavor. I will be the first to admit that I don’t usually purchase strawberry e-liquids, unless it’s blended with other fruits — but Jackman may have converted me. The strawberry flavor isn’t too artificial and it remains at the forefront of your palate when you vape it without being overwhelming.

5. JB (Bourne) by Savage E-Liquid

If you’re into pineapple as much as I am, then you’re in for a treat with this one. JB by Savage E-Liquid combines juicy pineapple with fresh strawberry into an icy slushy. This juice seems to perform well at just about any wattage and temperature, and it’s easy to vape for days until the bottle is empty.

Interested in Trying Some Juice From Savage E-Liquid?

The juices from Savage are pretty affordable. If you like the idea of these flavors, but want to see what else they offer, check out the Savage E-Liquid page on

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