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Christmas is right around the corner. So if you vape, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit. These five Christmas vape juice flavors may not be approved by Santa, but they’re sure to impress your taste buds!

Choosing a Christmas vape juice flavor is a great way to keep you in the holiday spirit throughout the day. Whether the juice reminds you of a favorite cookie you used to enjoy as a kid, or encapsulates the flavors of a favorite Christmas drink (spiked or not!), they’ll be sure to put a smile on your face!

Before we start, you should know that the list of liquids below are in no particular order. You’ll find number 5 to be just as tasty as number 1!

Ho Ho Ho, now let’s get started!

1. V’Nilla E-liquid Cookies and Milk

This cookies and milk flavored vape juice is perfect for the holidays. It will remind you of those tasty vanilla-filled cookies you used to dunk in milk as a kid. Heck, you could even fool Santa by putting a bottle of V’Nilla out on a plate by the fireplace if you wanted (although, we would not recommend it!).

Purchase Cookies and Milk here

Price: $17.99 (60ml)

2. North Pole From Fuggin Vapor

Remember those tasty candy canes your grandparents always put in the bowl for you to enjoy during the Christmas festivities? Well, North Pole from Fuggin Vapor encapsulates that red stripped candy flavor to a T. It’s slightly sweet and minty, a perfect combination to enjoy if you’re looking for a way to warm up when the weather gets chilly! A word of fair warning though, you’re entire house may smell of candy canes after just a few hours of vaping!

Purchase North Pole here

Price: $24.99 (120ml)

3. Baked by OmVapors

While it does not have a Christmas themed label, Baked by OmVapors does a great job capturing the classic apple pie flavor many enjoy over the holidays. You’ll get toasted almonds, tart apples, buttery graham cracker, and notes of caramel all rolled into one bottle! This flavor is best enjoyed with a nice glass of milk!

Purchase Apple Crumble here

Price: $19.99 (120ml)

4.Gingerbread Dude by Fuggin Vapor

No Christmas would be complete with a little gingerbread man! Breazy’s mix of the classic spiced cookie is the perfect vape for the Holiday season. Severed with a fresh cup of cappuccino, this flavor stays interesting all day long!

Purchase Gingerbread Dude here

Price: $14.99 (120ml)

5. Pound It Remix by Fuggin Vapor

While fruit cakes are a more traditional holiday treat, no one really likes them — so why not go with a regular pound cake instead? Pound It Remix by Fuggin takes that traditional pound cake to another level, by incorporating a cream cheese icing flavor instead of the traditional whipped cream.

Purchase Pound It Remix here

Price: $11.87 (120ml)

Wrapping It Up

All the liquids on our list will work hard to get you in the Christmas Spirit! So whether you grab one, or decide to try them all, you will not be disappointed!

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