4 Reasons Why the Aspire Revvo Tank Will Blow Your Mind
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Whether you know Aspire for their Nautilus tanks or their mods, you’re probably well aware of the brand’s reputation for quality. Aspire has been around since 2013, and has consistently contributed to the development of new vaping technology. Although vape manufacturers are all trying to up the ante with new product releases, Aspire remains a king in the competition for a reason. A great example of this is one of their more recent tank releases: the Aspire Revvo tank. This sub-ohm tank isn’t like many others. Between the new ARC coil technology and the Revvo’s leakproof design, you’ll be dying to add this tank to your collection. Here are 4 reasons why the Aspire Revvo tank will blow your mind.

1. Aspire’s ARC Coil Technology for the Aspire Revvo

Aspire’s ARC coil technology stands for Aspire Radial Coil. Aspire’s got a patent pending for this new coil form. The Revvo tank is not compatible with any other coil—but don’t worry, you probably won’t mind that. The ARC coil is flat, made of kanthal wire, and shaped like an electric stovetop coil. The resistance lies anywhere from 0.10-0.16ohms and the suggested wattage is anywhere from 50W-100W, with 80-85 listed as the optimal wattage range.

So why the weird stovetop appearance? Because Aspire’s design covers more surface area, which in theory should increase flavor experience and vapor production. I find it to be mostly true with the nice vapor these coils produce.

2. The Aspire’s ARC Coil’s Wicking Placement

One awesome pro about the ARC coil design is the cotton wick’s placement. It’s on the underside of the coil, without any wick holes, so the entirety of the wick is encompassed in the tank. If you keep your tank full, your wick will always be wet. This helps prevent any wicking issues—even when you take frequent draws, you are less likely to experience burnt wicking. The ARC coils are supposed to last longer than other sub-ohm coils as well, which will help save a bit of money. If your tank isn’t completely full, you may have to slightly tilt your mod to resaturate the wicking. But in all honesty, this is something most of us do when vaping anyway, without putting much thought into it.  

3. The Aspire Revvo’s Leakproof Design

Most sub-ohm tanks leak, even with the best leak-prevention. The Aspire Revvo shouldn’t really be an exception here but try as you might, it’s almost impossible to get the Revvo to leak. Part of this is due to the airflow slots on the top of the tank, instead of the typical bottom airflow. Another reason this tank doesn’t leak is the design of the ARC coils; they cover a lot of surface area, and they act as a sort of buffer between the e-liquid and the top airflow and chimney. Aspire also provides a nice protective cap for traveling, which covers the chimney and the airflow so the tank doesn’t leak when lying on its side or in a bag, etc.

4. The Aspire Revvo’s Filling System

It’s unusual to meet a tank that you don’t need to open in order to fill it with e-liquid. Aspire has done just that with the Revvo’s design though. To fill the tank, you simply find the spring-loaded filling port directly through the drip tip. Another interesting aspect of the Aspire Revvo tank is that you don’t need to open it for filling. There’s a spring-loaded filling port that you can access through the mouthpiece. Since it’s a narrow space, you’re going to need a needle-shaped tip or a unicorn bottle to fill the tank. It’s really not a huge deal, and it’s actually a faster filling process. You just insert the tip into the spring-loaded port, press down, and squeeze the bottle until the tank is full.

If you’re already feeling mind-blown, you can purchase the Revvo Tank from Aspire. For $30, it’s truly a worth the value.

Want something more traditional? Then try the Aspire Nautilus 2.

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