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Yami Vapor is an e-liquid brand that crafts some really unique flavors. With the sheer number of juice companies out there, you might be thinking there isn’t anything new under the sun — but you’re wrong. Each flavor of e-liquid really does differ by brand, and some of them are pretty plain — only offering the same type of flavor profiles that you can find in countless e-liquid lines. Yami doesn’t go with the flow, though. Yami creates the flow. It seems like a lot of credit to give to an e-liquid company, but Yami truly does their own thing, and that’s why their line of juices is worth paying for. If you’re a flavor chaser, keep on reading. Here are 3 reasons why flavor chasers will love Yami Vapor E-Liquids.

Yami Vapor E-Liquids Have Unique, Intense Flavors

Just when you think that you have seen every e-liquid flavor out there, something genuinely surprises you. That’s what Yami is all about.

First up for discussion is Yami’s Butter Brew, a savory blend of butterscotch that’ll make you feel like you’re drinking a Butter Beer and enrolling in witchcraft and wizardry school. Butter Brew is especially refreshing if you store it in the fridge or the freezer for a cool vape.

Next, Yami offers Taruto, a flaky Portuguese egg tart (or Dan Ta in Asia). You’ll notice the flaky crust first, and then get blasted (gently, of course) with the custardy center. It’s a truly lovely dessert vape, and probably a lot different from others you’ve tried before.

Shaka is a mango and mangosteen fruit blend. This one will fool you. You’ll think it’s just another mango e-liquid. But then, you experience the mangosteen notes. Mangosteen fruit is a flavor that nobody can really pinpoint. It’s tangy, sweet, and delicious. But is it like strawberries? Kiwi? Plums? Who knows! Try it out for yourself.

Juusu is probably the most popular of Yami’s e-liquids. It’s an apple, peach, and lychee combination that will make you forget just about every other fruit liquid that you’ve tried. An all-day-vape? We think so!

2. Yami is Sold in 100ml Bottles

You might be tempted to purchase a 15ml bottle of Yami, because you aren’t sure you’ll like it. Have you ever done that and instantly regretted it? “I should’ve bought the larger bottle,” you say. No worries here, because Yami won’t let you make that mistake with their e-liquids. Yami juices are sold in 100ml bottles for a reason. You get the chance to stock up and you’ll be glad for it.

3. Yami Vapor’s Juices are Incredibly Smooth

Yami’s e-liquids are typically a 70 VG/30PG ratio. Because it’s higher VG, you get a smoother vape and a decent amount of cloud production. 70/30 is a good balance, because with the 30% PG, the flavor of your e-juice should hold it’s integrity better than a max VG liquid. Ask anybody who has tried a juice from Yami. These e-liquids are incredibly smooth. They don’t overwhelm at all, but they possess a strong flavor that’ll keep you happy all day.

You can find Yami Vapor E-Liquids at Vapor DNA for $24.99. It’s not bad for 100ml bottle, especially since you won’t find these flavors anywhere else.

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