10 E-Liquids Perfect For The Summer
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With the vast growth of vaping popularity comes a huge array of different e-liquids to go along with it.

There are thousands of different flavors and brands to choose from. The luxury of choice is one of vaping’s best qualities, but it can be overwhelming at times. Where do you start?

Summer is in full swing, so let’s begin by looking at some of the best liquids that are the perfect match for those scorching hot months.

1. Hawaiian Pog (Naked 100 E-Juice)

No place quite gives off that endless summer feel quite like Hawaii. And in this unique e-liquid, you can experience the shores of Hawaii from the comfort of your home.

Hawaiian Pog is packed full of bright flavors such as passion fruit, orange, and a touch of guava to keep it from feeling too in-your-face. It makes you feel like you’re right on the shores of a Hawaiian beach.

And what’s not to like about that?

2. Drag In Breath (Lizard Juice)

Nothing says summer luxury like a nice slice of juicy watermelon.

It can be difficult to pull off the more delicate flavors in e-liquids. Sometimes they can feel a little off and leave you feeling disappointed.

There’s no fear of that with Drag In Breath. Instead, you’ll have to convince yourself that you haven’t just bit into a hunk of watermelon. It’s a smooth flavor, with a hint of spearmint, that keeps you wanting to go back for more.

And hey, no seeds to worry about.

3. Extreme Ice (Mt. Baker Vapor)

This powerful e-juice packs a punch that will make you forget all the vaping lingo you thought you knew. All that will be left is sweet mint and menthol in its place.

But that isn’t a bad thing.

You’ll feel instantly refreshed after one puff of this liquid.

If you’re looking for the right liquid to keep you feeling cool this summer, try Extreme Ice. The name says it all.

4. Sun Tea (Summertime E-Juice)

It’s relaxing to kick back and enjoy a nice cool glass of iced tea. Maybe you have memories of your mom making you a whole pitcher for those super hot summer days.

Now you can enjoy that thirst-quenching feeling all the time.

Sun Tea comes with the classic taste of iced tea but is upgraded with the addition of pear and peach. The addition of these fruit flavors makes it feel even more perfect during the hot summer days.

No need for constant refills. You only need to sit back in your chair, vape, and enjoy.

5. Rocket Pop (Propaganda E-Liquid)

Do you remember those patriotic Popsicles you got as a kid from the ice cream truck? The one kind of shaped like a rocket? You’d have to eat it fast before it melted all over your hands, but you sure did enjoy it.

With Rocket Pop e-liquids, you get to have that exact experience all over again. Except, this time, you can have it any time you want. And there’s no risk of it melting before you’re finished, either.

This is a perfect choice if you want to relive past summers.

6. Mango Mania (Tropical 100 E-Liquid)

Mangos and nectarines are king during summer. Each has a unique flavor that you can’t replicate with anything else.

Until now. With Mango Mania, you’ll get to taste all the best attributes of mango and nectarine without any of the mess or prep that goes along with it. Not only does it taste like the genuine article, it also leaves you feeling nice and refreshed after you’ve exhaled.

Which means it’s time go back in for another hit. And another.

7. Pink Burst (Keep It 100 E-Liquid)

Inspired by sweet strawberry candy, you can snack on this delectable e-juice all day. All without worrying about the extra calories you might be packing on. The best part about Pink Burst is that it hits you with that succulent sweet note, but begins to mellow out during the exhale.

You’ll never have the problem of being overwhelmed by too much sugar with this e-juice.

8. Neapolitan (Cream Team Liquid)

If you’re a big fan of the three classic flavors of ice creams, then this is the e-juice for you. There’s no need to go out to the ice cream parlor for a neapolitan-styled treat.

With Neapolitan, you can have your own personal parlor in your back pocket all summer long.

This liquid is perfect for enjoying the delicious flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry without the mess and fuss. It’s good enough that you can vape it all day if you wanted without feeling like it’s time for a change.

9. Bankroll #9 (Broke Dick)

It has an interesting name, but that doesn’t matter, because this e-liquid will leave you wanting more.

Being both delicious and affordable, Broke Dick juices are pretty awesome. Bankroll #9 is based on refreshing pink lemonade, so you’ll feel as though your summer thirst is getting quenched all the time with this tart e-juice.

It’s sweet and refreshing, and the best part is you won’t need to go back inside for a refill.

10. Sub-Zero (Halo E-Cig)

You’d think with Extreme Ice on this list, there wouldn’t be room for any more menthol-based e-liquids.

Well, you’d be wrong. There’s room for this one.

Sub-Zero is another great liquid to add to your summer repertoire, as it offers a subtler hit than the Extreme Zero. You’ll still get that same cool and refreshing blast that you’re looking for in the middle of summer.

Any fan of minty-fresh flavors will love this e-liquid.

Enjoy Summer in a New Way With These E-Liquids

Having fun during the hot summer months doesn’t always mean going on adventures far away from home. And with e-liquids, it’s easier and healthier than ever before.

You can have an adventure in your own house with the unique flavors and sensations that go along with it.

Gather up your best vaping gear and enjoy the flavors of summer.

Looking for more interesting experiences? Try braving some of the strangest liquids around.

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